Art-Zacharia Mukwira
Zacharia Mukwira

A picture of a picture paints less than those thousand words.

Seeing a picture online quickly leaves the impression, on us gullible humans, that we are seeing the real thing. We’ve all seen photographs of magnificent places which, once visited in person, impact us completely differently. This was the case with some photographs of paintings I’d seen on this webpage. Yeah, they were nice, but I’d seen something like them before, and they weren’t particularly … anything to me. Not.

As luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to find myself at The Workshop Art & Craft Gallery, and was given the opportunity to reconcile my web experience with real life – Boy! Am I glad I did!! The paintings by Zacharia Mukwira literally leapt off the walls at me. You haven’t seen it all Bubba!

Different. Colourful. Vibrant. Refreshing. A gentle expressive power elevates the work by this artist beyond the realm of “seen it all” and catapults it to “must see more”. African Contemporary Art has another great player and if you’ve seen it all and don’t know Zach’s work – well, you too have not come close to seeing it all!

Keeping it real!

Bubba Bear